An exploration into tasting wine ...  
... and maybe a taster of what to expect from The Essential Wine School.

How about spending a couple of hours learning more about how wine is made, why it differs and experience professional wine tasting?

Each session is presented by a qualified expert who will take you through up to ten quality samples and leave you with increased knowledge and having enjoyed some great wines! The outcome is designed to be serious - a better understanding of wine and the knowledge of how professionals taste - but the event should also be a fun occasion with others who share your enthusiasm.

Most of these events are suitable for those new to wine tasting - and all of them offer enjoyable time with some carefully chosen wines for anyone with an interest.

On the first Friday of every month (except January and August) at the White Rock Hotel, Hastings TN34 1JU we have a relaxed tasting of wines you may not have encountered before. The tasting starts at 6:30, usually features seven to nine wines and costs 20. Always helpful to let us know if you'd like to come and how many in the party.

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