The Essential Wine Course...  
Love wine but would love to learn more? This wine course is suitable for anyone with an interest in wine. Although it does not assume prior knowledge or experience of tasting in a professional environment, it will be found entertaining, enjoyable and instructive for all those who would like to gain additional awareness of what wine has to offer.

Starting mid morning with the factors that influence the way in which wines differ in taste and quality, participants are guided through the world of wine by an experienced tutor. Introduction to a structured approach to tasting and evaluation helps hone the ability to judge wine, giving more confidence and with it the likelihood of getting better quality and value.

The course is illustrated by ten appropriate samples of wine, selected for their quality as well as their educational value! And like all our courses, the day includes a lunch (this time three courses with wine!) which will help build upon the knowledge gained during the food and wine practical workshop included in the course.

After lunch we continue exploring more facets of wine and evaluating quality. The cost is just 90 for the day; perfect for an indulgence or as a gift.

Remember we offer gift vouchers to cover attending any of our courses, and start from just 10.

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